Mixer Mode in Hyper Sentinel is the world's first interactive livestream arcade game. Check out the video below to see what we mean!
We have our own verified Mixer channel at www.mixer.com/hueygames where we will broadcast interactive Hyper Sentinel sessions, but we are also happy to host other streamers who are broadcasting the game, just get in touch and let us know when you go live.
For tips and advice on getting the most out of you Hyper Sentinel Mixer stream, please checkout the Mixer Streamers Pack:
Mixer Streamers Pack
We are continously striving to make the Hyper Sentinel Mixer experience even better, and we love to engage with Mixer streamers and their followers to help us do this. Please feel free to leave your feedback via the form below, and take a look at the column on the left for all the improvements we have in the pipeline!

Mixer Mode - latest updates

  • Score System: Remove negative streamer scoring so streamers don't lose points
  • Kamikaze Mixeroid: Control improvements
  • Sound Control: Add more granularity to music and SFX volume controls
  • Interactive Controls: Add a key to make it more clear how interactive controls work

Mixer Mode - planned updates

  • Score System: A new clearer, progressive scoring system